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The Town of Fredonia encompasses the area around the Village of Fredonia. Within the town’s boundaries are two quaint, unincorporated villages, the Village of Waubeka and the Village of Little Kohler. The area is rich with history and rural charm!


Stony Hill School is in Waubeka, about 2 miles north of the Ozaukee County Pioneer Village on Hwy I. On June 14, 1885, Bernard Cigrand, an 18 year-old teacher in a one-room school house, assigned his students the task of writing about what the flag meant to them. This was the first formal observance of “Flag-Birth Day.” The school has been restored, and stands on it’s original site.


Waubeka was also the home of Robert Cooley, who founded the Milwaukee Vocational School – the very first vocational school in the country. His Cream City brick home is still standing on Hwy A in Waubeka.


The National Flag Day Foundation’s Americanism Center (right photo above) is in Waubeka. The Center’s 13,000 square foot building sits on fifteen acres of land. The Center offers the Avenue of Flags, which displays all 27 star configurations of the American Flag, a commemorative outdoor courtyard and a full museum featuring military and local memorabilia. The museum includes a room devoted to the “Father of Flag Day “Bernard J. Cigrand (left photo above). The museum is open on the third Sunday of each month from 1:00-4:00 pm or by appointment.


The National Flag Day Foundation is a nonprofit organization which teaches Americanism. The Foundation hosts several events each year. The main event is the National Observance of Flag Day held the second Sunday in June. The observance includes a program at the Cigrand Memorial in Waubeka, a 100 unit parade, family activities with music and refreshments. A large fireworks display takes place at dusk at the Americanism Center.


The Foundation also holds a Valentine Dinner & Auction event.


Visit the National Flag Day Foundation website,, to learn more about Americanism or to book a museum tour.

Town Hall - 242 Fredonia Ave., P.O. Box 12 Fredonia WI 53021-0012 Phone 262-692-9673